The Best Places to Download Free Music

For most people, with the millennial generation especially, listening to free music on their phones is something that is almost like breathing. With so many great songs and artists around and more popping up every single day, the amount of content they have to choose from is staggering.

However, most people don’t want to pay iTunes fees that can quickly add up and don’t want to buy the premium offline services that sites like Pandora and Spotify offer, so they look for alternatives in their music consumption. Thankfully, there are many free sites that allow downloading and conversion of various types of music.

Whether the people love French music, Country, or good old Rock and Roll, these sites will have them swimming in free music that can be listened to offline and anywhere in the world. The only catch is more than a few ads to click through because that’s how these free sites make their revenue.


New Album Releases is a website that as the name suggests, focuses on new content and albums from around the world. A pop star’s new album followed by the debut album of a band that’s never been heard of can all be found and then downloaded for free here. Albums can be searched by genre and artist name, and then downloaded as MP3’s to a phone.

It’s a good clean site and keeps itself up to date with both familiar albums and new faces to the music scene, so people are bound to find something they like.


This site has a music streaming service, and most artists offer a downloadable option for their albums or specific tracks. With one button press, the song will be an MP3 and ready to download. Not all artists do this, however, and the downloads are often from smaller indie artists who are seeking ways to get their music out into the world.

For the Indie music lovers out there, SoundCloud is a hub of great music that can either be streamed or downloaded. For everyone else though, it might not be what they are looking for.

Jamendo Music

This music is completely creative commons licensed and free, meaning its safe, legal, and consumer friendly. While it is like SoundCloud and mostly offers indie music for download, it does update regularly with new content and free radio stations for enjoyment.

Once again this is geared toward people who like to explore their music and listen to new tracks and is a great place to find constantly updated music.

Getting free downloaded music from major artists while still remaining within the bounds of the law is a little tricky, by using the above sites it should be safe. Most people will not only discover tracks from old favorites and famous faces on these web pages but also find new and independent musicians who might just become the next famous face one day. Who doesn’t love to look back and say “I listened to them before they were cool?”